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About Brindle + Oak

Thank you for taking a peek at Brindle + Oak!  We are a national wedding planning, production + design firm based in Denver, Colorado! Our expertise, creativity, and passion, paired with your vision, excitement, and love, will create an experience that you and your guests will never forget! 

Brindle + Oak, focuses on the bliss and enjoyment you as a couple share throughout your engagement and wedding day. Every event is unique, just like every couple we work with.  We look forward to creating with you!

Behind the Name

To us, "Brindle" represents two pieces coming together and making something beautiful! That could mean two people, two ideas, a couple and a wedding planner (hint, hint!), or the obvious, two colors on a coat (we are dog people, can’t you tell?). "Oak" is solid, dependable, and timeless; all qualities you will find in your Brindle + Oak planner! "Oak" has a particularly special meaning to B+O's founder, Megan Grose. The first time she and her husband truly combined, or rather, "brindled", their life together was when they purchased their first home on Silver Oak Street.